Our Vision

To realize a safe and secure environment where children rights and well-being are upheld


Our Mission

To give adequate opportunity to children and young person to realize their full potential by securing, protecting and promoting their fundamental rights.


Our Core Values

We uphold integrity, Transparency and accountability, Equality and justice, Innovativeness and research driven, Child participation and Partnership

About Us

Who we are

One More Day for Children (OMDC)Foundation is a multi-ethnic professional lead grass-root Kenyan Civil Society Organization,which was founded by the philanthropic professionals in Litigation(Lawyers),Health(Doctors),Social work,Environment,Gender and Development, that champions the rights of children, women and girls in Kenya through community focused and legally informed initiatives by supporting and enhancing their capacity and agency to influence policies, decision making processes, and address local cultural practices that have caused the prevalence of child rights violation and abuse to remain a major concern while promoting positive culture.

Registered as a non-governmental foundation in 2009 as a CBO and 2011 as a Public Benefit Organization, PBO. One More Day for Children Foundation is a rights-based organization that work with the community and partners to deliver community focused legally guided initiatives that include protection from all sorts of violence including Gender Based Violence (GBV), Education support, Health services, Access to justice as well as Livelihoods and Resilience for vulnerable households.

Inspired by increasing efforts by major stakeholders such as the governments, media, corporate-Kenya, humanitarian actors and the communities, our mission has solidly been to contribute to the well-being of children and secure a better and prosperous future of society. OMDC proudly adheres to International Standards while working closely with the Children’s Department and other Governmental Agencies to ensure the safety of all children and families in Kenya.


Zones of Operation

Samburu County,Laikipia County

Isiolo County and Meru County

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Our programs



1. Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention

  1. One More Day Girls` Safe House
  2. Child rights and Participation
  3. Counter trafficking in children
  4. Rapid response and rescue of children in distress


2.Education Program

  1. Child sponsorship
  2. Girls Empowerment
  3. Access to education
  4. Skills Training and Talents nurturing.


3. Health Program

  1. Adolescents and Youth Friendly Centre/services
  2. Mental Health
  3. Sexual Reproductive Health and rights


4. Family Rehabilitation ,Livelihood and Resilience

  1. Rural Women Self-help groups ( Inuka)
  2. Humanitarian Relief and Emergency intervention
  3. Sexual & Gender Based Violence (GBV)


5. Access to Justice

  1. Lobbying, Awareness creation and Advocacy
  2. Legal Services
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution


6. Climate Change and Environment Conservation

  1. Waste management through the use of Bio-technology
  2. Tree planting
  3. Promotion of use of Bio energy
  4. Promotion of traditional climate change adaptation methods


7. Capacity Building & Institution Strengthening

  1. Increasing the capacities of the Board of Directors and Staff

Our organizational objectives

1To secure, protect and promote the best interests and welfare of children in the republic of Kenya.

2To empower children in need of care and protection and their families socially, economically and psychologically

3To promote girl child education and empowerment (especially in arid and semi- arid pastoralist communities)

4To promote family life in Kenya by way of education, training, instruction, lobbying and advocacy

5To build internal and external capacity on issues of securing, protecting and promoting children rights in Kenya

6To create partnership, linkages and networks with other key players

7To promote innovation and research

Our Experience

More than 10 years of Proactive and Reactive work experience have taught us that we can accomplish more for a better world when we bring together people and organizations across borders, sectors and professions.



National Plan of Action to operationalize the World Summit Declaration and Plan of Action developed pillars of Survival, Development, Protection and Participation as a basis of interventions on issues affecting children. We developed our programs to resonate with the pillars. The following are our current programs, which we shall be expanding gradually to address the NPA pillars:

*Safe Spaces/House for survivors of Gender Based Violence ie FGM, Child Marriages, Crude abortions, Samburu Beading

*Child trafficking and Child labor program

*Child rights, education & skills development

*Advocacy, Research and Community outreach

*Health Program (Adolescents sexual &Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, OVC care)

*Sexual /cultural/Gender Based Violence (GBV)

*Rapid response and rescue of children in distress program

*Girl Child empowerment, Family counseling and Rehabilitation program through alternative livelihood program

*Probonal Service to the survivors


Our principle focus of intervention has been Capacity Building targeting community volunteers and communities gate keepers to create necessary knowledge, skills and competencies amongst Children/human rights practioners and advocates empowering young people and children in need of protection and care, enhancing the social economic capacity of destitute families, Advocating for legislative, policy, attitudinal and practice reforms towards eradication of child rights abuse for meaningful and sustainable realization of children`s /human rights and social justice, promoting the enforcement of laws against child rights abuse and raising the awareness of various sections of the community about the nature , magnitude and consequences of the problems and developing Institutional capacity of OMDC Kenya to ensure its sustainability, growth and perpetuation of its work towards its vision.

Governance Structure


For us, the purpose of governance is to guide, steer and direct OMDC into becoming a leading Organization that can be relied upon not only in Kenya but also across the Eastern Africa region to drive and sustain the agenda of Children as enshrined in UNCRC and ACRWC. Our governance policies provide a framework within which OMDC`s leadership and management is held accountable for delivering results against the mission and strategic objectives of the organization.


Board of Directors

The BoD is the policy-making organ of the Organization and is responsible for the strategic oversight of the organization`s affairs. Membership purely comprises of Professionals (also founders of the organization) of high integrity and whose profession matches with the organization`s objects i.e. experts on Children’s Rights and protection, International and national laws affecting children, women and families, community development, democracy and governance, social change and transformation, gender, environment and social work.

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Executive Director

The day-to-day affairs of the foundation is managed by the Executive Director other officers under her. The ED is also the Secretary to the BoD and advisor.

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There is a president who holds the office as president in perpetuity. His duties include but not limited to fundraising and giving life to the provisions of the interests of children at heart.

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A distinguished member of the society is appointed as the Patron of the foundation by the founders. The Patron is appointed on the basis of his/her standing in the community, the compatibility of his/her values with that of the foundation and his/her actual and potential contribution to the objects of the foundation.

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