OMDC Safehouse

One More Day Girls` Safe House_ Laikipia North

Under this program, we have the One More DayGirls` Safe House in Laikipia North- Doldol .The Safe house is the OMDCF Flag ship project for the survivors of Sexual and Gender Based violence especially Beading, Child marriages, FGM and other sexual related violence. OMDC goes out of its way to arrest this situation putting in mind that this is a violation of children’s rights. These girls are denied education, are exposed to health problems emanating from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, are separated from their families, and cannot grow normally because they fail to get the chance to interact with their peers and to cap it all, they become domestic and sexual slaves.

They are slaves because they have to obey orders from the community and abide with what the husband says. They are dehumanized to a point that they do not have a say in whatever happens in their lives. More than 3000 girls have been rescued and rehabilitated.




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